Distilling Class

Attended a class given by Craft Distilling Academy in Spring, TX on 4/13/13.  Very good class on a lot of the ins-and-outs of distilling and the distilling business.  Sixteen folks were in attendance, and most of them were interested in opening a distillery – great news for the distilling industry and more competition for us!  All of the processes were covered in some detail including licensing, types of stills, making mashes/washes, distilling and cuts, and aging.  Tasted some excellent craft spirits including different oak-aged whiskeys, “amaretto”, “Grand Marnier”, and even a chocolate vodka.  The last one would be very nice mixed with coffee.  We are definitely looking forward to adding our tweaked spirits to the wonderful collection of artisan spirits hitting the market.

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  1. There used to be a company in Austin, Rixx, that made a chocolate vodka. It was really good.

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